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When to fertilize

It's a question many people start asking this time of year - when should I fertilize my lawn? For most, the answer is between the end of January and the end of March. Fertilizing later could mean a lot of time spent mowing throughout the summer. The Times News said, "For most small neighborhood lawns that have been fertilized for years, I would suggest buying a slow release fertilizer with a 4-1-2 ratio of nutrients." Before you go to the store, however, make sure you know the approximate square footage of your lawn so you know how much to buy! Try to buy eco-friendly fertilizers if possible!

Rett Davis: A fortuitous time for fertilizing fescue

Question: How soon can I fertilize my lawn? Answer: That time is now for fescue lawns. Fescue lawn fertilization can begin as early as the last week of January and proceed through mid-March. This time period is critical especially if you are applying...

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