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Muskoka residents are in this together

Nearby in the Muskoka region, residents and cottage owners are working together to protect their lakes. “What the district’s cottagers and residents all inhabit is an exquisitely beautiful environment that risks being severely damaged through ignorance, apathy or lack of collaboration about environmental concerns.” The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association (FOCA) and the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) are cooperating to protect nature in Muskoka. Each property owner or visitor has a responsibility to leave little trace on the environment so everyone can enjoy it for years to come.

“I said, ‘If I asked you right now where your favourite place in the world is, how many of you would say your cottage?’” she recalls. “There was an absolute gasp and it went click. We had so many people volunteer for the board. Never underestimate love for the cottage. That’s where memories are made.”

Cottage associations working to protect Muskoka’s pristine lakes

MUSKOKA LIFE — The catchphrase ‘we’re all in this together’ is an extremely apt description of the status of every waterfront property owner on Muskoka’s approximately 1,600 lakes. What the district’s cottagers and...

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